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Our School

Taylor Backues - Principal

Sara Meadows - Assistant Principal


Our Vision:

Academic Achievement





Grading 23-24:  

All assignments and assessments should be aligned to Missouri Learning Standards.  Teachers will have the autonomy and responsibility to report accurate grades that reflect student learning in relation to those standards.  Classroom assignments and assessments come in many forms and can vary in point value.  Teachers will communicate with students, parents, and administration how assignments are aligned to learning objectives and at what level students are in their learning progression.  At this time, teachers will only report assessment scores through our Infinite Campus learning management system.  Parents and students are encouraged to monitor grades weekly.  It will be the students' responsibility to provide evidence to move forward on the grading scale.  It will be the teachers' responsibility to provide continued opportunities, as appropriate, for students to show growth and provide new evidence.  Teachers have the authority and responsibility to adjust grades as needed so long as students have demonstrated with evidence reason to do so.

The Wright City Middle School has moved to an evidence based grading in the following content areas: ELA (English Language Arts), Math, and Social Studies. Teachers will be reporting progress on Missouri Priority Standards on a 4-point scale (4-Advance Level of Understanding, 3- Proficient Level of Understanding  2- Basic Level of Understanding, 1 - Below Basic Level of Understanding). Grades will be reported at least twice quarterly per priority standard.  The 4-point scale will be reported as a letter grade twice yearly, at each semester.

Other content areas will be reporting on a traditional grading scale.

The percent ranges below are aligned to our high school grading scale and GPA reporting with an assigned letter grade for each course.

A: 90-100         3.0 - 4.0

B: 89-80           2.5 - 2.9

C: 79-70           1.5 - 2.4

D: 69-60           0.5 - 1.4

F: 59 - 0               0 - 0.4        

Habits of Work & Learning (HOWL)

It is clear that certain behaviors or habits impact student achievement.  HOWL (Habits of Work & Learning) scores will be logged through Infinite Campus every two weeks.  Scores will also be reported on a 4 point scale to provide feedback for students and families on the following:  Student has attempted all classwork. Student had zero behavioral referrals accepted by the office. Student has been engaged in all learning environments. Student is on time and present in class.

Cell Phones

Cell phones and other electronic devices will be OFF & AWAY during instructional time from 6:50 am to 2:15 pm.  Parents/guardians are requested to call the school office at 745-7300 if they need to contact a student during business hours, especially during family emergencies, so that we may provide support for our students. Confiscated phones, which have been misused during class time or in hallways, will be kept at the office and may only be returned to the parent/guardian. Students recording videos or taking pictures of students/staff violates district policy and disrupts the learning environment.  Cell phones, laser pointers, gaming devices, cameras, and other similar electronic devices substantially disrupt the educational process and prevent our students from reaching their full potential, and consequences will be assigned according to our discipline policy. The Wright City Middle School is not liable for lost or stolen devices. 


Hallway lockers will NOT be in use for the 2023-24 school year except for PE or Athletics as needed.  Please note that lockers are the property of the school, not the student.  They may be inspected/searched at any time when the safety of the school or students is in question.  Lockers are periodically inspected for contents and cleanliness.  You will be held directly accountable for all items in the locker assigned to you.  Students may not use any locker other than the one assigned to them.  Disciplinary action will result in the use of a locker other than assigned.

After-school Expectations:

Students are NOT allowed to be at West Elementary or Scenic Regional Library-Wright City Branch without adult supervision.  Students participating in middle school athletics, clubs, or tutoring should report immediately to their assigned meeting location following dismissal.