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Parent/Student Rights to Privacy

In order to maintain a trusting counseling relationship, the school counselor must respect the rights of the student, parent/guardian(s), teacher(s), and additional stakeholders in the student’s life. As the Wright City Middle School counselor, I will adhere to the ethical standards and codes of the American School Counselor Association. Below are the policies I follow in regards to privacy and confidentiality:

1) Parents have the right to be included in the counseling process that might take place during the school year; however, I must balance the parents’ rights to be informed with the student’s right to privacy. I will do my best to keep the parent involved and informed within those parameters.

2) If a student participates in Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) or 504 plans, some disclosure to the CARE Team members may be necessary in order to best provide support to the student. I will use my professional judgment when disclosing information.

3) I can be reached through telephone and e-mail. It is advised, however, that e-mail communication be limited to circumstances when sensitive or private information will not be disclosed or included in the message. The counselor cannot guarantee full confidentially with electronic communication. Therefore, I will accept e-mails but will not respond via e-mail if sensitive information is included.

4) I will do my best to maintain privacy and confidentiality. There are moments, however, when I am required by law to share or report information. Below are examples of moments I am required to report information:

· If I believe a student is at risk of harming himself/herself or others

· If a student states an adult has caused harm to him/her

· If I suspect an adult is causing harm to a student

· If I believe someone intends to harm a student

· If a judge orders me to provide information in court.