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Student Organization and Study Tips



Study Skills and Homework Help for Parents and Students - This site gives loads of homework help, parent homework help, and study skills for the elementary, middle and high school student.


  • Get into a habit of keeping to-do lists and posting assignments/reminders around your room or house.
  • Keep track of assignments in a notebook.
  • There's an app for that! There are several apps that can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet to help organize your assignments and set up reminders for due dates.

Organize homework assignments 

  • Before beginning homework, number assignments in the order in which they should be done.
  • Start with one that is not too long or difficult, but avoid saving the longest or hardest assignment for last.
  • If you have an assignment with an extended due date (due next week, 2 weeks, etc.) consider setting your own "mini due dates" to complete sections of the project.

Keep your locker organized

  • consider setting up shelves in your locker to keep things from piling up
  • magnetic bins help organize pens/pencils
  • tape a copy of your schedule to the inside of your locker to make sure you have everything for your next class

Designate a study space

  • You should study in the same place every night. 
  • It should be a quiet place with few distractions. 
  • Keep all supplies and books nearby.
  • Mute your phone to avoid distractions (some find it easier to leave it in another room!)

Set a designated study time

  • Use the same time daily to do homework and studying.
  • Take a short break after school before starting homework. A healthy snack might help you refocus. (You might want to set a timer if you tend to get sidetracked or procrastinate!)

 Keeping organized notebooks 

  • Organize papers in a binder or notebook. 
  • Use dividers to separate class notes, or color-code notebooks.

Conduct a weekly cleanup

  • Go through materials weekly to get rid of old papers and extras.
  • Review any long-term projects and due dates to see that you are on-track.

Plan your days

  • Try to establish and stick to a regular dinnertime and bedtime.
  • Keep a calendar. Include: family activities, projects, tests and other activities.

Prepare for the day ahead

  • Before you go to bed, make sure your school supplies are ready
  • check to make sure your alarm clock is set.